Your Squeeze Page

Your Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page, or lead capture page as it is sometimes called, is a one page website with one purpose: to capture your visitor’s name and email address. You do not usually sell anything on your squeeze page.

If you have too many distractions, such as an item to sell or links to other pages then your visitors may get sidetracked by all of the distractions and not sign up for your list, which is the whole point of sending them to your squeeze page in the first place.

You can create your a custom Thank You Page, or you can use the default Thank You page that is provided by the Autoresponder you use.

Creating your own thank you page provides you with the opportunity to add your own personal touch. It also allows you the ability to offer a product to your new subscribers.

Some people prefer not to offer a product on the thank you page, preferring instead to build a relationship with their list first before promoting products to them.

When you create your squeeze page you will need to put an opt-in form on it, using an autoresponder servcice. The opt-in form is used to collect your visitor's name and email address. In exchange for your visitor's name and email address you offer something of value as a free gift to your subscribers. Your free gift could be an eBook or a Newsletter, or anything else you choose.

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