Website Folder Checklist

Website Folder Checklist

When you are creating your website (either online or offline) you can view your progress in your browser. In order for your website to appear in your browser the way that you created it, you have to have all of your files in one folder.

When you upload to your hosting company, all files are uploaded to the root directory.

When working on your website offline all files must be kept in one folder on your computer.

Also, when you are ready to upload your files to your hosting company, it makes it a lot easier to find them if they are all in the same folder.

Create a new folder on your computer, either in your documents or on your desktop, wherever you will be able to easily find it. Name the folder something that you can easily remember. The name you plan to give your website (Your Domain Name) is a good choice, but you can name it whatever you want. As you create your files, make sure you always save them in your website folder. Make sure to include all images that you plan to use for your website as well.

Images can be kept in a separate folder within the main website folder, but they must be in the main folder. Placing the images in a separate folder within the main folder makes it easier for you to find them. It also keeps your main folder more organized.

When working on your website offline, it is very important that you always remember to save any files that you are working on in your main folder. If any of the files or images are missing from the main folder then they will not display in the browser.

Listed below are the files you will need in your website folder for your Squeeze Page:

Squeeze Page

Thank You Page

Download Page


Free Gift

The squeeze page, thank you page and download page are all HTML files.

Your free gift, if it is an eBook is in PDF format.

If you choose to keep your images in a separate folder within the main folder then the HTML tag will look different than if the images are kept in the main folder.

If you use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor like Kompozer to create your pages with the HTML image tags will be created for you.

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