13 Ways to Drive Traffic

12 Creative Ways to Grow Your Business Using Free Traffic

We all need traffic, but may not know how to get it.

The growth of every online business is dependent on the website traffic they receive. With little or no traffic a business isn't very likely to generate an income that can sustain it.

There so many different ways to drive traffic to your website or blog that you may not know where to begin. Some people may tell you that the only way to get traffic to your website is to use paid traffic sources, while others may tell you that you don't need to pay for traffic because there are so many free traffic sources out there that you can use.

Be creative in your quest for traffic sources. Think of where your target audience is most likely to hang out and get your business in front of them.

Whichever method you choose to use (free or paid) is entirely up to you, but for the purpose of this article we will be discussing free traffic sources.

Free Traffic Sources

You don't have to use all of the free traffic sources listed below. In fact, I would recommend looking through the list and finding a few to start with that you think will work for your business. Give them a try and if they work, continue to use them. If not then try a few more until you find the ones that work best.


Pinterest is an image sharing site used to collect, organize and share your favourite things in pin board style.

Join Pinterest, create a Business Page, gain followers and share your images with them.

Some may say that Pinterest isn't for every business, but I disagree. If you know how to create a graphic, infographic, or video or add a related image to your content, then Pinterest is right for your business.


Everyone loves a good contest! Host a contest on your site and give something of value as a prize to the winner.

The monetary value of the prize you give away is not always as important as the quality. If you offer something of good quality that people want or need (even if it is of a lesser monetary value) that is far more important than how much the prize is worth.


SlideShare is the largest slide hosting service.

Create a slide show presentation using PowerPoint or Open Office and share it on SlideShare. Edit your settings to make your presentation public or private. By making your presentation public you are enabling others to share your content.


JustRetweet is a social sharing platform that allows others to help you promote your content via ReTweets, Facebook likes and Google +1s, by using a credit system.

Log in using your Twitter account and earn credits by Retweeting (promoting) other member's tweets. You can also Plus1 and Like other member's tweets to earn credits.


Flickr is one of the best known photo management and sharing sites online.

Upload your photos to Flickr and share them on your website and social media platforms. Make sure to include a link to your website in your account settings and to add tags to your photos so that they can be found when someone does a search.


Videos are a great way to drive traffic to your website because people love to watch videos, but creating a podcast for your visitors to listen to can be just as effective.

Podcasting can be used with pretty much any niche. If you are too shy to be in front of a camera then podcasting is perfect for you.

Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is still by word of mouth. Create valuable, interesting, useful content that people want to share and your visitors will help spread the word for you.

Once one person recommends you others are sure to follow.


Instagram is an online social networking and photo sharing service.

Take pictures or create short videos and share them on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


BizSugar is a social network exclusively for small businesses and entrepreneurs to share business news and tips.

Join and participate. By becoming an active member of BizSugar you will be able to expand your social profiles and gain more traffic. Submit your blog posts, podcasts, videos and articles. View, vote and comment on other member's submissions.

eBay and Amazon


Put a product (such as an eBook - sold for a very low price) on eBay and include a link to the product (on your website) in the description where visitors can view more information.

The idea here is to get traffic, not to make a lot of money which is why your will be selling your product for a very low price.


Using the same idea as above post your eBook on Amazon and include links to your website within the book.

Cool Site of the Day

Cool site of the day is an older site that features one unique site per day.

Submit your site or app and see if it gets featured as the cool site of the day! You could see a huge increase in your traffic if your site is chosen.


Using coupon codes for your products and services is a great way to gain free traffic. Everyone loves a great discount. Submit your coupons to free coupon directories and watch the traffic roll in.

Posting a great discount on social media sites can cause your coupon code to go viral.

Other Free Traffic Sources

Using Social Media for Business is another great way to drive traffic to your website.

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