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What is Social Media

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Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are used by millions of people around the world to share information and ideas. Creating professional (business) profiles on the different social media networks and sharing relevant information that can be shared by others means your ability to reach your target audience using social media is greatly increased. For this reason, using social media should be a major part of every business's marketing strategy.

People use social media networks for a variety of reasons. But whether you use them for personal or professional use it all boils down to one thing: making connections. Make connections throughout the business community and expand your reach. Build a relationship with your followers by posting useful information and interacting with your audience.

When creating a professional profile on any of the social media networks try to use a name that is either directly related or at least closely related to your business. The name of my website is "Produce Your First Website" (directly related), and on most of the social networks that is the name I use, but some of the social networks don't allow for that many characters in their title so I use "Produce a Website" (closely related).

Provide valuable content, engage your audience and build relationships with them based on honesty and integrity.

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Social Media Networks

There are many social networks that you can join. I have listed five of the major ones below.

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Create a business page (sometimes called a Fan Page). Post information that is related to your business that your fans will find useful and helpful. Include images as often as you can. Engage your fans by asking questions and responding to questions and comments.

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Create a Twitter account. Follow other Twitter users. Grow your own following and tweet, tweet, tweet.

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Create a business page. Verify your website. Link your social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter) to your business page. Grow your following. Promote your products.

Pinterest is mostly image based. Users upload their own images or "repin" other user's images.

Pinterest users spend more money than on any other social network.

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Google +

Create a business page. Post relevent information regularly. Respond to comments. Join Google+ Communities. Start a Hangout.

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Create a professional profile. Add your business name and education. Join groups. Network.

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