Create a Free Website

Why can't I just create a free website?

Free websites are great for a personal use, but they are not the best idea for a business.

I do not recommend that you create a free website for a business. In order for you to maintain a professional presence online, your site needs to look professional. That is why it is essential that you purchase your own space on the web through the Hosting Company you choose.

If you use a free site to create your website, your domain name would look something like this:
The above example doesn't look very professional. It is also harder for your visitors to remember.
This example has a much more professional look and is easier to remember.

Reasons NOT to use a free website service

1. They place advertisements on your pages

2. You can't get an email address that matches your domain

3. Their company name and details are put in the footer

4. Support is usually limited to email support only

5. Unable to use certain features such as message boards, creating forms, etc

6. Your site will likely not be picked up by the search engines

7. The space provided for your pages is limited

8. You have very little control over how your website will look.

As mentioned in the previous article, How To Create a Free Website With a Free Domain, it is important that you learn the basics of how to create a website.

Part of this article is an exerpt taken from my free eBook, Produce Your First Website - 8 Steps to Getting Started Online. This eBook is free with every sign up.

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