How to Start An Online Business

How to Start an Online Business

Getting Started Online

In order to start an online business and make some money from it you will need to purchase a domain name and a hosting account. You will also need to purchase an autoresponder if you would like to start building your list.

Choose Your Niche

A niche is a very small, specific area of a larger market. The 3 major markets are Health, Wealth and Lifestyle. When choosing your niche, you want to narrow it down as much as you can.

Your Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a one page website designed to capture your visitors names and email addresses. This is one place where purchasing an autoresponder will come in handy. Once you purchase an autoresponder you can put an optin form on your squeeze page to capture your visitor's names and email addresses.

Build a Mailing List

"The money is in the list." A term often heard, but so seldom understood. After you build your list, you can then offer your own products as well as affiliate products to your visitors that have signed up.

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