How to Install Wordpress

Install Wordpress

WordPress can be installed quickly and easily on your domain. Most hosting companies now offer a one click install. You will have to follow a few simple steps and you will be up and running in no time.

When you install WordPress to the root of your domain, it is the first thing people see when they type in your domain name:

If you install WordPress to a subdirectory, then your domain name will look somehting like this: blog.yourdomainname or

To install WordPress login to your hosting company's cPanel or your account dashboard if you don't have cPanel.


Find Fantastico in your cPanel and click on it.

Click on WordPress.

Choose where you want to install WordPress (as your main domain or in a subdirectory).

You will have to create a Username and Password plus a few other details.

Click install WordPress and you are done!

If you don't have cPanel with your hosting account you can find your WordPress installation under Applications in your account dashboard.

After you click install it may take a bit before you can access your new Wordpress installation. It takes time to set up the database for your new installation.

After installation you can sign into your WordPress admin panel by typing yoursitesname/wp-admin into your address bar in you browser.

Now the fun begins. You can now choose a theme, set up your site the way you want it and start creating pages and posts.

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