FTP - Upload Files Using Filezilla

FTP - Upload Files Using Filezilla

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the process of uploading files from your computer to your web host (server).

There are a few free FTP clients that you can use to upload your files to your web host. My favourite one is Filezilla. Visit their website to download and install Filezilla (free) on your computer.

Getting Started with Filezilla

To get started, open Filezilla.

Find your FTP login information, sent to you by email from your web host or in your control panel when you sign into your web host.

The first thing we are going to do after you open Filezilla is to log in. Going across near the top of Filezilla you will see Host, Username, Password and Port.

Screenshot of Filezilla

The image above shows how Filezilla appears when you are connected to your server. When you are not yet connected, the little windows along the right hand side will be blank. Note: Username and Password have been edited out.

Host: Type in ftp (in small letters - no capitals) followed by a (.) and the address of your website's home page. Example: ftp.yourwebsiteaddress.com

Username: Type in your username (sent to you by your hosting company).

Password: Type in your password (sent to you by your hosting company). Your password must contain numbers, at least one capital letter, and a symbol for security purposes, to help prevent others from logging into your account.

Port: Leave this blank.

Quick Connect: Click on quick connect. You should now be connected to your remote server (web host).

The top window below where it says Host, Username, Password and Port is your message center. It shows whether or not you were successfully connected to your server. It also shows successful or failed uploads and lets you know when it disconnects from your server.

Filezilla will automatically disconnect from your server if it is left dormant for a few minutes. If you are not finished uploading your files yet, you don't have to go through the process of signing in again. To reconnect simply drag the next file you want to upload from your Local Host (left side) over to the Remote Site (right side) and Filezilla will automatically reconnect to your server.

Local Site

The window on the left side in the center is your Local Site (files on your computer). Locate the files on your computer that you want to upload to your server by scrolling through the files in the top half of the little window on the left (local site). Once you select a folder the files from that folder will open in the bottom half of the left window (under Filename).

Remote Site

The window on the right side in the center is your Remote Site (files on your server). You should be able to see a few folders located on your server, under Remote Site. Scroll down (if necessary) to the bottom of the folders.

The bottom window shows the progress and status of files being uploaded to your server.

Uploading Files

To upload your website's files from your computer to your web host, simply drag files from the left hand side and drop them on the right hand side. Make sure to drop your files into a blank space, not into one of the folders unless there is a folder named public_html, then you will drop your files in this folder after you open it.

There will be times when you will want to drag files into one of the folders on your Remote Site, such as when you set up a WordPress site on your server. All files related to your WordPress site will be uploaded to this folder. You may also want to create an Images folder to put all of your website's images into. Then you would drag all of your images into this folder.

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