Create a Free Website With a Free Domain

How to Create a Free Website With a Free Domain

Can I create a free website? Can I get a free domain name?

Almost everyone either needs or wants a website these days, but because of circumstances, you just can’t afford to pay for these services, or maybe you just don’t feel you should have to pay for it if you can get it for nothing. Whatever your situation is, there is a solution. Yes you can create a free website with a free domain name.

If you are completely new to website design and don’t know anything about creating or designing a website, but want to create one on your own, there are a few options.

The first thing you will need is a web host and a domain name. Listed below are a few web hosting sites that are available (for free) for you to use to create your website. When you sign up for one of these sites, your hosting a domain name are included.

All of these site have easy to use website builders. When you use a website builder, you have the option to choose between several templates that are available. Drag and drop makes it really easy to add things like text boxes and photos. All you have to do is upload your images and add your text to an already made template and you have a finished website.

Although it is not essential to learn HTML or CSS in order to create a free website, it is always helpful to at least learn the basics.

If you do decide in the future to go with a paid host and paid domain, it is helpful to know so you won't have to rely on someone who does know to make minor changes to your website for you. It is also nice to know in case you want to make changes to the CSS within the template you use to create your free website.

Free Website With a Free Domain

You can create a free website using one of the following hosting companies.





Google Sites

Free Blog Site With a Free Domain

You can create a blog site using one of the following.

If you want your site to have the look and feel of a blog, you can do so by Using WordPress or Blogger. Both are free blogging platforms. WordPress is the most widely used. It is excellent for not only creating a blog but for creating static websites as well.



Although you can create a free website, I don't recomment it. Please read this article
Why You Should Not Create a Free Website to find out why.

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