Create a Digital Product

Create a Digital Product

A digital product is a downloadable product that you create on your computer. The product is then uploaded to your server so that it can be downloaded by your visitors.

Create a Digital Product.

The advantage of creating digital products over physical products is that you don't have any overhead costs such as manufacturing costs or shipping costs. All transactions are done online.

The most popular digital products that people create are eBook, software and videos, although there are several different forms of digital products.

There are some advantages to creating your own digital products. You can promote and sell your products on your own website or through social media promotion, forums, etc. This takes a lot of time and effort on your part but is worth it if you have the time, effort and know-how to do so, and want to keep 100 percent of the profits..

On the other hand, if your time is limited and you don't mind sharing some of the profits you can join affiliate programs such as Clickbank and Commission Junction and becoming a vendor. As a vendor your product is made available for other people to promote, leaving you free to create more products, or work on your website or other projects you have on the go. A portion of the sales of your digital product go to the affiliate program that you join and another portion of the profits go to the affiliates that are selling your product for you.

You may think that the first option is the best one because you get to keep all of the profits instead of sharing them, but if you don't have the time, patience or know-how to promote and sell your own products and you aren't making any sales, then it might be more profitable to you to join an affiliate program and share the profits. There are thousands of affiliates waiting to sell your products for you. I don't think that sharing some of the profits if you have the potential to make sales with less effort on your part is that bad, do you?

Types of Digital Products

Although there are several different types of digital products that you can make, I am only going to mention three in this article. These are enough to get you started. You can expand your list later on to include other product types or you can just continue to create any or all of the 3 types of products listed below.


Microsoft Word is great for creating an eBook. Once your book is complete you can easily convert it to PDF format within Word. Read How to Create an eBook if you would like to learn more. To view you eBook once it has been converted to PDF format, you will need a PDF reader. Adobe Reader, Evince and Foxit are a few.


Videos are another form of digital products that you can create. Create a whole series of mini tutorial videos on a specific subject, or create a few "How To" videos. Depending on what type of videos you want to create, you may need some video recording equipment. If you just want to make videos that record your screen, Jing by TechSmith is good. You can download Jing free and screencapture still shots or videos of your computer screen. If you want to get a little more fancy you can try Camtasia Studio also by TechSmith. Camtasia Studio is not free; however you can try it free for 30 days.

Written Tutorials

Written tutorials are great for people who don't like watching videos. You can write tutorials on pretty much anything. You can create a short series of written tutorials or you can create one long tutorial on any given subject that is related to your niche.

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