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How to Choose a Web Host

After you Register a Domain Name the second step is choosing a web host.

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A web host provides a place on the internet to store your files and make your website visible via the World Wide Web.

Your hosting account is where you will upload all of your website files to, using FTP - Filezilla. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the process of transferring (uploading) your website files from your local computer to your web host.

Your website will not be visible online until you purchase hosting and upload your website files.

The web host you choose isn't just for storing your website files. They offer so much more, such as domain name registration, branded email, CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress and Joomla, and scripts such as PHP and ASP.

Your web host will also offer anywhere from one to unlimited MySQL databases.

DRC Webs

Host your website with DRC Webs and receive my Free HTML Website Templates to help get you started. All templates are customizable. Just add your own images and text. Using my free templates gives you more control over your website.

Templates Free With The Purchase Of Hosting

Website Tonight

DRC Webs offers Website Tonight which is a website builder.

If you have no web design knowledge and want to get your website up quickly and easily the website builder is your best option. Website builders use a simple drag and drop interface. Upload your own images, add your own text and hit publish. Your website is up and running in no time.

Using Website Tonight doesn't allow for as much control over the design or layout of your website as designing it yourself does, but is a good choice if you have little or no web design experience. I wouldn't recommend Website Tonight for business sites. I would recommend it mostly for small personal sites.

Prefer a WordPress site? No problem. After you select a web host you can install the WordPress app. Learn How to Install WordPress using Cpanel (Admin).

Deluxe Hosting

Deluxe Hosting is the most popular package and provides you with Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Disk Space. Create as many websites as you want under the same account.

With Deluxe hosting you also get 500 email accounts, 25 MySQL Databases and a One-click mobile site!

If you need any help choosing the right hosting plan you can reach our DRC Webs customer support team by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

Free Web Host


1. A free host is great for small, personal websites that you only want to share with your family and friends.

2. They are also great for someone who is just starting their first website and wants to learn how things work before their big launch.

But as you play around with your free site you will find that there are many restrictions on what you can and can't do. If your intention is to build a business website you will need a lot more than a free host provides.


1. A free host will provide very little, if any support. When you have questions about your new website you should have technical support available to you 24/7. With paid hosting this option is available.

2. Some free hosts place their ads on your website.

3. Your domain name is not your own. For example, your domain name would look something like this:
It is much easier to read and remember a domain name that looks something like this:

4. You have very little control over your website design and layout.

5. You can't create a Blog, Forum or a Membership site.

6. Merchant services aren't usually available. If you plan to create an e-commerce site you will need a shopping cart and an SSL certificate. These options are not available with a free host.

As you can see from the Pros and Cons above there are very few pros and several cons. So to sum it all up it is almost always best to choose a paid host rather than a free host.

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